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February 11, 2005



hi, my name is JORDANA KEZ and i come from Maderia IN Portugal. and lucky for some im portuguese and live in manchester you see my papa works for man united and i live down the road from christiano ronaldo dos santos averio. ive bumped into him a few times. i get to watch him train whenever i want! please email me as im new here and dont realy no much about this country only the laungauge (slightly) christiano Pra Sempre im seeing him soon. i love you all xxx ai que


OMG how fit duz he wana be !!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ronaldo is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fit n that jessica best keep her hands offer im cant wait till i meet him again dis sat hwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooar i ad iv im Any day lv ya ronz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ronaldo is sooooo sexxxxxyyyy!!! I love Cristiano Ronaldo!!


O Ronaldo é lindo basta ser portugues!ele sabe o valor k tem....!nauh mudes pk tu es espectacular!!!beijinhux
YoU ARE VeRy sPeCiAl


wow... cris is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! no other word could describe him! I love this man! thx god =)


well ladies i am portugues n i am movin bk 2 madeira i am in the uk at the moment n i am gunna live up the road frm him my untie has had a kiss off him i could tell u more but dont want 2 show off!!!! hes bludy gorgues even though my mates dis him i still love him to the maX!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE ME BELIEVE NOT I AM NOT A LIER!!! HIS MINE 4EVA I LUV U C.RONALDO N 4EVA MORE!!!!


cristiano ronaldo o jogador portugues o mais `sexy`é eu sou a sua futura namorada...im proud to be portugues
eu te amo c.ronaldo 7 ou 17....
xxxxxxxxx your #1



Becky Ronaldo

OK LAYDEEZZ ---> BACK OFF HE'S FINE FINE AND ALL MINE! He is so sexy and such a great player and plays for the bst teeam EVER! HIS HAS THE FITTEST BODY ....SWOON!
Lv ya loadz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


WOT THE HELL R U ALL DOING!? STOP!!! He is fed up of people being like urz r being! All he wants is sum peace. He cant stand girls (and boys) being over reactive towards him....running up to him in the street yelling, "OMG...I cant believe its U!!!!! OMG I love u cristiano!!! OMG!!" Treasure him for his footy for once and grow up abit. Thats u lot told!!




Shells m8 btw..... :-D


I think, sorry i know that Ronaldo is SOOO sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU XXX LOADS OF LOVE EMMA!!!

Amanda Gallo

Ronaldo... te amo tanto! All these white people don't know how it is with us europeans ronaldo!! asta hora!! Nos vemos.. <3


i h8 racists!

Tyler Magyar

Christiano Ronaldo is by far the sexiest beast i have eva seen in my 87 years of life...ill massage you feet any day...but only if you foot my balls.. i likey likey...love you long time--Tyler Magyar
p.s. just in case you're not into guys...i consider myself female...i'll explain later


i luv this man so much i wish i could c him naked and u know get intermet with him. ok im gay but is he and if he is there would b many more men out there becoming happyer everyday because i think errr no i know that he is the sexiest man on the planet he is so f**king fit

*x* ronaldos girl! *x* .xo.

ronaldo is my sexy babe!! he is the fu*king fittest guy in this galaxy! i wud flippin fuck him any day!! so ronalo babe if ur reading this, u are my no1 and my whole world, u play for my 2 favourite teams! so u go babe and u rock on!! u will always have me as ur no1 fan!! i love you so much!
ur girl ;-)


Ronaldo He is sexy beautyful and he is a good football player....


hiya peeps, i think that michelle is sooo right cos i love him lots to but hes only human! A the end of the day he just wanna play football in peace! I LOVE CRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVEIRO [Eu adoro-te Cristiano Ronaldo!]

ashley morgan

OMG ronaldo is fit as anyfink omg e is defo sent from heaven!!! anywayz peeps i am goin out wiv im now so soz ladies !!!!


he looks fit in anything but he soooo fine in those picturs it makes u druel.!!!!!!


gemma rules ;-)


gemma rules ;-)

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