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January 05, 2005


Deborah Escalante

Where am I able to purchase a shirt with the COEXIST desogn logo?

John Smith

You can find a list of retailers at coexistonline.com as well as info about the company, etc.

David Jacobes

Those people at coexistonline.com ripped off the design from a Polish artist, Piotr Mlodozeniec who created it in 2001. It is a copyrighted design and the other place indicated above stole it from him.

Ravi Patel

Actually, the original designer of the symbol is unknown. I was in Isreal several recently, and there was a large graffiti painting of it on a wall near Jeruselum and it looked like it had been there quite some time. Just so you know.

Bryan Barrett

After doing some research, I found out that the people at coexistonline.com have the trademark on the symbol. Also, the clothes on their website are a lot better than the stuff on any of those other links. Thanks

David Jacobes

Actually the author is known, and known the world over, that is Piotr Mlodozeniec who created it in 2001 for the Coexistence exhibit all over the world. You can find out about it at Museum on the Seam in ISRAEL. It's been there for quite some time.

The trademark they may have, but it is not their own creation and Federal Law as well as the Berne Convention Treatise will invalidate that.

So you would rather support a company who is basically illegit?


I've investigated myself as well... These guys didn't "steal" anything. This logo has been circulating underground for some time. Even Bono is using it and says he saw it spraypainted in Chicago somewhere.

They make beautiful clothes and support such a positive message. They clearly went through the correct lawful channels for a trademark. No need to "hate" here...

David Jacobes

Did you actually read the latest press? They admit that they were surfing the internet and then "tweaked it". That is copyright infringement.

There's not hate here. It's disgust at hypocrisy.

Bono said, by the way, that it was Texas that he saw the graffiti, the Chicago article was wrong. The original artist's display went world wide, but there's no doubt at all as who originated the idea.

So by promoting "concept" that is spiritual in nature, when the promoters don't practice what they "preach" it is just superficiality disguised as "spirituality". Not uncommon, but a shame nonetheless.

A Brooks

The Coexist company claims it is an original idea. One of course that they did not invent. I read an article where they admit they found the logo on the net. How ridiculous!

I hope someone takes this symbol of peace and takes it away from this company that just wants to profit on it.

I was bidding on a Coexist shirt on ebay and the auction was closed because of that company. At least come up with something original.

This is the real Coexist shirt

Jeff Reed

It seems that most of you are missing the point. If you visit the companies website and read anything about the people that are producing this product, they are trying to promote the idea of peace and acceptance of others cultures. I agree that it may questionable as far as the logo goes, but many of their other designs show coexistance in many other lights. By calling them hypocrits because they are using this logo, you yourself are being hypocritical in that you are angry and hatefull that someone is promoting a peaceful idea. I think that it is a great thing that someone is finally getting a fashion friendly message and stimulating thought about the issue.

Veronica Shaffer

How about visiting the Museum of the Seam website instead (link already posted above) where the original "Coexist" t-shirt is being sold for a quarter of the price the ripped version is being sold for in the US, Japan and Canada. Calling someone a hypocrit because they have blatenly stolen someone else's idea and are now profiting from it is not hypocritical, regardless of the concept being sold. The original artist's message, as I understand it, is democratic in nature. A quick reminder... democracy is the 'equality of rights, opportunity, and treatment'. The Museum in Israel clearly states their purpose on the homepage of their website as calling for '...respect for our fellow man and his liberty'.

If the founders of the US Coexist t-shirt company have the respect for coexistence that they promote, then they will take the appropriate measures necessary to legally sell the 'coexist' logo AND compensate Mr. Mlodozeniec and/or the Museum on the Seam for all profits so far illegally and immorally received. They may have begun their company in good faith, but since the reality of ownership here is not only apparent but easily verifiable, it is their responsibility to de-claim ignorance and step up to the plate. Only then will I purchase anything from www.coexistonline.com.


I actually met the founders of Coexist in the LES. When asking them how they came up with the concept, they said that they had seen the artist's work in Europe and been inspired by it. They're actually working with the original artist now for the line - and they do give him credit. There's so much gossip that goes on about the logo - it was good to clear up the misunderstanding. They definitely didn't find it on the internet. Seem like really nice guys who want to get a message across.

Audrey Miller

I just want you all to know that I am a family member of one of the founders of this company. They are not trying to profit off the creation of someone else. They came up with the idea to make the shirts and what does it matter where the idea came from. It is the message that is important. And if you would actually take one second to think about that instead of wasting your time hating on the people that you don't even know then maybe you would be worth anyone listeing to your opinion!

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